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15th July 2024 to 5th September 2024

23rd February 2025

Swirl Half Size Round

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Product Details

Half Size Round

customisable half size! *other cakes pictured can be order via the shop as well

Colour Scheme;

will depend on the options selected, one overall base colour and then add colours for your piping + text!

please specify if you have a preference on how your colours are used

Half Sizes; 2 layers of cake, 1 layer of icing, approx. 3 inches high

4 inch wide - approx. 3-6 serves

6 inch wide - approx. 8-10 serves

8 inch wide - approx. 18-20 serves

10 inch wide - approx. 28-32 serves


Half Sizes can be order with just one weeks notice (orders for a weekend date must be in by the Monday 4pm)

Pick Up;

Half Sizes are only available via pick up at Croydon Park. Details will be given along with payment details

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